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Summer Changes

CRON OFFICES HAVE MOVED! cron is now on the second floor of Building 9: 9-266 and 9-225.

Personal Computing
  1. Macintosh:
  2. Windows:
Cluster Computing

The 9-251 cluster is no more owing to extensive renovations of Building 9. The computing cluster in
9-554 will now also serve DUSP's GIS and DUSPviz classes. Please check schedule for the room's availability as a general computing cluster and be prepared to vacate at moments notice.




CRON have made significant changes to the printing and plotting infrastructure over the summer. New hardware and server backend requires that ALL USERS REPLACE THE CRON PRINTERS ON THEIR PERSONAL COMPUTERS WITH NEW UPDATED ONES. See the Laptop>Maintenance section of this site for script to facilitate the change.

Hardware Changes: The three much beloved Xerox ColorQubes have been replaced by three new KONICA MINOILTA C754e multi-function devices. These units have more features than the Xerox printers (built-in stapling principal among them). Explore the options in your print dialog box. One can expect higher quality color, greater speed and reliability. NOTE: THESE ARE SIGNIFICANTLY MORE EXPENSIVE TO OPERATE. PLEASE PRINT/PHOTOCOPY IN BLACK AND WHITE UNLESS COLOR IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. Color is 10x more expensive than B&W.

We also have a new high-volume plotter in 7-433, predictably named 'P07-433'. Please read the instruction card on the plotter before using. This plotter is designed to handle the day-to-day plotting needs of students. Its output is not quite at the 'photo-grade' level of the HP DesignJet Z6X000s we have, but it is wicked fast and will easily serve most everyone's needs except, possibly, for the few who require the absolute best for thesis or final presentations. For these special needs, read of our 'DLUX' plotters below.

We now have 2 plotters permanently stocked with very high-grade paper. These are given the 'DLUX' moniker to make clear they differ from the other plotters stocked with standard inkjet paper. The plotters' names are 'P07-433-DLUX' and 'P05-414-DLUX'. They are stocked with HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper, which has been the paper of choice by students requiring the best.

'P10-485' and 'P07-404' are stocked with HP Bright White Inkjet Paper, and serve to ease loads on P07-433 or when P07-433 goes off line.

New Experimental Plotter Policy and Pricing

CRON have made changes in policy and pricing. These changes are subject to further change without advance notice.

  1. P07-433: $5 per plot. This is the *only* plotter for which multi-page (up to 5 page) documents can be submitted. Please do NOT plot documents longer than 5 pages. Doing so is unfair to others wishing to use the plotter and may result in significant fines (@ $2.50/sq foot). Though very inexpensive, please do not abuse this resource. Doing so will only result in a charge increase.
  2. P07-433-DLUX and P05-414-DLUX: $10 per single page up to 10' long.
  3. P07-404 and P10-485: $5 per single page.

Printing and plotting exact great environmental costs. Please be a responsible citizen and print/plot only when absolutely needed.

Green Computing

CRON have consolidated and 'virtualized' a good number of its servers. Further, we now run these virtualized servers from out of the Media Lab's vSphere 6.0 environment. As a result, we have powered down our entire VM hosting setup. Fewer boxes, smaller carbon footprint, healthier planet.

By populating clusters with dual-boot computers, we've also reduced our energy footprint. CRON also favors products with the highest Energy Star ratings and those companies most committed to the environment.


All new and improved! Posters, web site, labels, etc.. Replete with novel (mis)spellings and bizarre typos.

Rapid Prototyping

All RPL equipment is managed out of the WorkShop group led by Chris Dewart and Justin Lavalle. Email or visit the RPL web site for more information.


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