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Archive Studio Work

Archive Utility

The Department of Architecture and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning keep digital archives of student studio work. This page describes the process and provides an FAQ for those using the service.

Student Instructions:

  1. Your instructor advises you as to whether your work is to be archived. The instructor may specify the types of documents or specific documents to be archived.
  2. You prepare the documents as follows:
  3. Place the documents in a folder named in following manner: ##_YYT_Archive
  4. Place the XX_YYTT_Archive folder at top level of external storage device (HD, flash thumb drive, etc.).
  5. Visit any *STUDIO* iMac or *9-554* iMac, and boot it into Mac OS, plug in storage device and run /Applications/_cronArchiveUtility. Follow instructions.

Instructor Instructions:

  1. You must provide cron with a specially formatted list of all those students who are to submit work to the Departments Archive.
    Prepare the table with the following columns: Subject No, Student Kerberos ID, Instructor Kerberos ID
    Example: 4.022  jzfchang sjet~ebj (Note: if more than one instructor, separate with ~ as shown in this example.)
  2. Done.



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