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We have written a script which removes in a minute's time:

  1. Sassafras KeyClient
  2. AFS clients
  3. All cron and Athena printers
  4. restores your MaxCopies CUPS printing directive (so that you can print more than 1 copy again)
  5. VMware Fusion (optional)
  6. VMware Virtual Machines (optional)
  7. Cisco VPN and other misc tools of no use outside MIT

Run this script to restore your Macintosh to pre-cron days: cronLeavingMIT.command


Converting Windows to a permanent license (Only applicable if you obtained your copy of Windows through MIT)

The MIT student Windows license requires re-activation every 180 days to continue functioning. Graduating students will receive email about how to convert the Windows license to a permanent license. Students who leave without graduating will need to reinstall Windows on their computers before the 180 days expires in order to keep their computers functioning. There is more information about the MIT Windows student Windows license at:

Uninstalling Sassafras KeyClient Software (Required)

use 'Add/Remove Software' control panel. If you have any problems after removing the Key Client please see us or write (One inadvertent side-effect may have been the keying of your personal software.)

Uninstalling Keyed Software (Required)

This software can be easily removed in any order. The software that you may have installed and will want to remove includes Kerberos, OpenAFS, VPN client and SecureFX. Removing the software may require a reboot.

Uninstalling Athena / CRON Printers

These are deleted through the 'Devices and Printers' control panel. Just right click on the printer and select Remove Device.


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