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MIT Files

Your Athena account (email and file storage) expires sometime around the first January following your graduation. We recommend you take your Athena files with you now before leaving.

  1. We strongly advise you save a version of crucial files in PDF format as PDF is the most portable.
  2. We suggest you take, at the minimum, the following folders from your Athena home directory: 'MacData', 'www' and 'Private'. Do NOT take 'OldFiles' as this folder contains backups of the files you are already copying.
  3. If a WinAthena user, grab all you can from 'My Desktop', 'My Documents' and whatever else you value. If in doubt, take everything from your H: and I: drives.
  4. Copy selected files to two or more external drives.


Your MIT Dropbox account will expire in January. The contents of your *local* (cached) 'Dropbox' folder will remain, but will no longer sync.


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