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MIT Email

Your Athena account (email and file storage) expires sometime around the first January following your graduation. We recommend you take your Athena email with you, and that you set your MIT email to forward to a permanent email account.We also recommend you register for MIT's email forwarding for life (this is NOT done automatically!).

Taking your email:

  1. Configure you favorite mail program on your laptop (not phone) and  connect to MIT mail services.
  2. Move all your messages from the MIT mail server inbox to a local mailbox created on your own computer.
  3. Repeat for each additional mailbox you created on MIT mail server.

Setting your MIT email to forward:

1. Login to a WinAthena or Athena workstation* and type the following at the athena prompt:

chpobox -s {forwardingemailaddress}
for example: chpobox -s

* If without access to Athena workstation, then please consult this page:


Registering Email Forwarding for Life:

MIT provides all alums with email forwarding for life. This way you can use a single email address and have it forward to your current email account. Instructions can be found at:


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