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Four-Step Process

Effective career development requires a sequence of four steps, each of which is characterized by a set of key tasks and activities, building on the previous steps. It is a self-managed process in which you will be the driving force. While slight variations may make sense, career development is most successful if you take the steps one at a time, in the order described below.

This process will help you make the most of your time at DUSP and prepare you to find your first job after DUSP. It also provides a model for understanding yourself and knowing how to create new opportunities for work, that can serve you throughout your career as you periodically review and revise your career plans. (The process as laid out below corresponds to the timeframe of the two-year MCP program.)

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Semester 4 Semester 3 Semester 2 Semester 1

1. Self Assessment: Semester 1 and IAP

Form a basic understanding of your skills, preferences and personal style, as a basis for your career decisions.

Key activities:

2. Exploration: Semester 2 and Summer

Research fields and job functions to become familiar with some of your options, understand what is needed in specific organizations and jobs, and begin developing contacts and context for career decisions. Semester internships and summer jobs are part of this phase, providing opportunities to explore practical applications of topics discussed in class. Many DUSP alumni started their planning careers as a result of an internship, summer job, or contact they found while they were a student.

Key activities:

3. Focus: Semester 3 and IAP

Individualize and personalize your job search, integrating what you have learned about yourself through self assessment, with what you have learned about your career options through research, internships, summer jobs, and other experiences.

Identify and gather any missing information you need to target your best opportunities.

Develop your own personal marketing and job search strategy, in light of this knowledge. As hard as it may be to pause and reflect on what you have learned so far, and where you are going, doing so will greatly enhance your second year in the MCP program.

Key activities:

4. Job Search Implementation: Semester 4

Officially launch your job search!

Key activities:


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