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Career Options

You will find below links to a wide variety of websites which can provide you with information on a range of career options within planning overall.

The links are divided into sections by field. Each section contains links to job boards and professional associations in that field where you can find general information and job postings. After the general links you will find a list of possible employers in that field.

Keep in mind that you can also find hard copy lists of companies that have hired alumni in Mary Jane Daly's office, and that you can also connect with alumni in the field through the Infinite Connection.

General Urban Planning Links

There are diverse opportunities for urban planners and the following links provide some of the resources where such positions can be accessed. Please click the following button to see general urban planning links.

Economic Development, Housing, Real Estate

The following links provide information on a variety of resources for those seeking employment in Economic Development, Housing and Real Estate. Please click the button to view the links.

Urban Design and Architecture

See the list of opportunities for architects and those interested in urban design. Click the link below.

Environmental Planning

This section provides information on resources for environmental planners and those interested in environmental policies and climate change.

Geographic Information Systems

GIS and Urban Information Systems are planning and technology-oriented industries and have several opportunities for planners. Click the link below to learn about some of these opportunities.


Find out about employers and consulting firms that hire transportation planners, policy makers and economists. Click the button below to see some of the opportunities.

International Development

International Development offers a multitude of opportunities in a variety of job profiles and nations. Please click the button below to see the resources.

Planning Agencies

This is a list of city and state planning agencies that provide employment opportunities in the U.S.

Federal Government / International Institutions

Click the button below to see a list of federal government and international institutions offering employment opportunities to urban planners.


This is a resource for those seeking employment in academia.

General Planning Consulting Firms

Click the button below to see a list of planning consulting firms in the U.S. and abroad.

Management Consulting

The organizations below are of interest to MCP students because they are organizations that traditionally consult for the public sector or have an international emphasis.


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