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DUSP Careers develops and maintains a database of scholarships that may be of particular interest to DUSPers. The list is categorized by the year of study and is being regularly updated. If you have information on scholarships or other funding opportunities that are not included in this database, do let us know at duspjobs@mit.edu

Also, please note that certain scholarships have internal MIT deadlines before the actual scholarship deadline. If a certain scholarship has this requirement, it would say so in the 'Website' column of the tables under each section below.

Please note that several programs have made significant changes to their application deadlines this fall. They are in the process of being updated on this website. Please consult the program's home website for accurate information.


To access the list of scholarships for undergraduate students:


The list of scholarships for graduate students is particularly meant for students pursuing their Master's degree. However, some scholarships maybe of interest to the doctoral candidates as well. Please click the following link for the list of scholarships:

Doctoral and Post-doctoral Students:

Please click the following link to access the list of scholarships for doctoral and post-doctoral students:

In addition to the resources mentioned above, MIT maintains a list of internal and external fellowships available to MIT students. These lists could be accessed on the following websites:


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